Register for RC Convention 2022

The rate for individuals is $95.  Organizations making one payment for four or more individuals benefit from a group rate of $75 each:

  • 4 persons = $300
  • 5 persons = $375
  • 6 persons = $450

U.S. attendees pay the above amounts in USD; Canadian attendees pay the given amount in CAD. For example, a U.S. individual pays $95 USD, and a Canadian individual pays $95 CAD.

If you pay for a group, we will manually generate a coupon code and send it to you. Then each member of the group must use that code and register as individuals.

Student Scholarships: Students enrolled in a degree program for Communications, Journalism, or Divinity at a U.S. or Canadian college or university may be eligible for a scholarship. Check our scholarship information.

The deadline for ticket purchases is noon on May 10, 2022. Refunds may be requested through March 31st; after that, no refunds will be processed.

If you have trouble with this form or questions about registration, contact Rev. Brian Fesler at

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